"Super Happy Awesome News" Ticket

This ticket allows for one household to watch the Black Ice Cubes' production of "Super Happy Awesome News," a new musical developed specifically for the virtual stage.

Featuring a cast of child actors from across the country, "Super Happy Awesome News" offers kids a space to process and express their emotions. We hope it will help our young viewers feel heard and understood in these uncertain times. We believe it is the perfect show to kick off the Black Ice Cubes Children's Theatre program.

In "Super Happy Awesome News," two siblings launch rival good news networks and find themselves competing for the title of happiest news show. Soon, their correspondents are in a whirlwind of ecstatic musical reporting - from joyful weather forecasts, to cheerful cooking segments and blissful political updates! But, when vulnerability starts peeking through the euphoric facade, they're left wondering: is there room for raw honesty on a super happy broadcast?

How it works:
- Please purchase the ticket with the email address associated with your Youtube account. If you do not have an email address associated with Youtube, please set up your Youtube account (usually a Gmail address) first.
- If you purchase your ticket before March 1st, your email address will be added to our list of viewers on March 1st. You can watch the video anytime throughout the entire month.
- If you purchase your ticket after March 1st, you still have the rest of the month to watch the show. Your email address will be added within 24 hours of your purchase.
- When checking out, you will need to use either a Paypal account or a Venmo account. Also, please select "Pick up at Box Office" as your shipping method, unless you choose to purchase merch that needs to be shipped.
- Please email info@blackicetheatreco.com if you run into any issues.
- Please do not share the video. One household per Youtube email.
- Enjoy the show!


If you would like to donate to Black Ice Theatre Co., please head to blackicetheatreco.com/donate.

*This show has been made possible by a grant from the Lake Tahoe Visitors Authority and the 2020 American Century Championship.

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