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We formed Black Ice Theatre Co. in order to engage audiences through fresh and daring plays that explore themes that are both vital to the modern moment and timeless representations of the human experience. 

SEASON 3 IS HERE...and postponed!

This year's theme is "INSPIRED BY"

The Taming
by Lauren Gunderson

Tweetering, pandashrews, and undying giddiness for James Madison -- what else could you expect to find at a Miss America pageant? In this hilarious, raucous, all-female "power-play" inspired by Shakespeare's Taming of the Shrew, contestant Katherine has political aspirations to match her beauty pageant ambitions. All she needs to revolutionize the American government is the help of one ultra-conservative senator's aide on the cusp of a career breakthrough, and one bleeding-heart liberal blogger who will do anything for her cause. Well, that and a semi-historically-accurate ether trip. Here's lookin' at you, America. 

Directed by Stacey Spain


The House on Haunted Hill

by Tommy Jamerson

One of Vincent Price's scariest - and campiest - film classics springs to the stage in this spooky new reimagining. The House on Haunted Hill tells the twisted tale of millionaire Frederick Lauren, his fourth and least-favorite wife Annabelle, and five, money-hungry, gun-toting guests - each of whom will received fifty thousand dollars for staying the night in a supposedly haunted house. What could possibly go wrong? Filled with double crosses, jilted lovers, a wicked sense of humor, and a restless spirt or two, a visit to the house on Haunted Hill proves to be a night you'll never forget.    

Directed by Brandon McCarthy


Mysterious Skin
by Prince Gomovilas


Inspired by Gregg Araki's cult film and the novel by Scott Heim, two young men are haunted by the same strange event from their past, though the effects manifest themselves in very different ways. Neil becomes a reckless, sexually adventurous male prostitute, while Brian retreats into a reclusive fantasy that he was abducted by aliens. But what really did happen? Neil knows the truth. Brian can't remember exactly. It is only when Brian sees a photo of his childhood Little League team that he begins to untangle his confused memories. A warped but beautiful and strangely hopeful coming-of-age tale, Mysterious Skin manages to deal with its raw subject matter in ways that are both challenging and illuminating. 

Directed by Richard S. Sargent


La Cage Aux Folles
by Jerry Herman & Harvey Fierstein

That's right, folks. We're bringing it back!!

This Tony Award winning musical, based on the French play of the same name and inspiration for the Robin Williams smash hit comedy "The Birdcage," tells the story of a flamboyant gay couple who must pretend to be straight for one night - with one of the men in drag - to dupe the ultra-conservative political family of their son's fiancee. "La Cage Aux Folles" is a timeless musical filled with delightful spectacle and great heart. 

Directed by Rae W. Matthews
In partnership with the Lake Tahoe Community College