Meet the minds behind Black Ice


A graduate of the Pacific Conservatory of the Performing Arts, and proud longtime local of South Lake Tahoe, Bri can usually be found chasing her dog through the woods on her skis or on her bike. Bri is highly involved in the local arts scene in Tahoe as well as the athletic community. She is thrilled to be a founding member of Black Ice as the company's core values align with her own as an actress. She believes deeply that theater creates conversations and change in our society and hopes you not only enjoy the show, but talk to each other about it afterward.

Rae is a director and theatre professional. She specializes in developing new works for the stage, and loves working with new playwrights. As a director, she is particularly interested in plays that deal with trauma and mental health, as sometimes the revolution is from one mind to another. She is a founding member of Black Ice and was an integral part in forming the partnership between BITC and LTCC.

Tom has been active in the Tahoe theater community since 1981... actor, singer, and dancer. He is also a Board and Company Member of Black Ice Theater Co. In recent years he has also been involved with set design/construction.


Ellen Martin is an award-winning stage manager, actor, and comedian. She earned her A.A. in Visual/Performing Arts from Lake Tahoe Community College and her B.A. in Theatre Arts Design & Technology from Humboldt State University. Her most recent credits include She Kills Monsters (Black Ice Theatre Company). Her favorite credits include Playhouse Creatures (HSU), The Rocky Horror Show (LTCC), and Sans Merci (BITC). Outside of theatre Ellen enjoys perfecting the art of baking bread, watching horrifically bad movies, and slaying monsters while playing Dungeons and Dragons.

Richard has been working in theatre for over half of his life and has worked on stages across the country. He served as Artistic Director of BITC from its formation in 2018 until August 2022. He is a playwright, actor, director, musician, tech and cookbook author, and he has shared his many talents with South Lake Tahoe for years.  You can listen to his band The Green Winter or buy his Horror Movie Night Cookbook.